Thank you for your interest in our befriending scheme for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as others who are affected by issues of sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBT Plus).

LGBT Plus people in Dumfries and Galloway and surrounding areas may require befriending from trained volunteers for a number of different reasons, including:

  • geography – for example living too far away from LGBT Plus (or other) groups and services
  • transport – not having a car, or not having good enough bus routes
  • confidence – not feeling confident enough to make friends and access social opportunities
  • not being out – and therefore having difficulty reconciling the different aspects of life or not feeling able to come along to LGBT Plus groups and services
  • a lack of understanding family/friends – lacking family, friends or social networks who affirm their LGBT Plus identity, and with whom they can access social and other opportunities
  • age, ill health or disability
  • mental health problems

These issues can make it feel almost impossible to access groups and opportunities that Dumfries and Galloway LGBT Plus have on offer. In addition, you may be experiencing several of these issues at the same time, which compounds feelings of isolation.

Befriending can offer a very useful way of both reducing isolation, and building the confidence and social networks that individuals require to become more independent and to begin to access groups and social opportunities.  You can find out more about our befriending scheme by reading our guide. If you would like to volunteer to become a befriender, visit our page on volunteering.