Mindfulness Based Living Course

Mindfulness Based Living Course

Mindfulness – What is it?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of mindfulness? Maybe you’ve experienced some of the benefits of mindfulness already, or perhaps you’ve heard of it but never really understood what it is and would like to find out more?

Mindfulness is a faculty of the mind which is dormant until it is used, like a muscle. When we strengthen this muscle, through learning mindfulness skills, we are more able to look within us and find out what’s really going on inside.

The good news is that we all have the capacity to practice mindfulness. Once we’ve learned a few basic skills and techniques, we can do it by ourselves, whenever we want.

In so doing, we begin to understand how we cope with life’s ups and downs and, if we want, to become less reactive and demanding of ourselves.  If we can be more open, curious and kind, towards what unfolds in our lives,  thinking of it less as a relentless struggle, but more of a series of unique processes, then we can learn to accept what comes up in our experience.  And if we can do this, we are well on the way to living more mindful lives.

Online Course Dates and Times

We will be running this course online on Monday afternoons from Monday June 8th 2pm – 4pm. While commonly recognised as ‘the 8-week course’,  the above dates include an ‘introductory session’ with a separate wind-up ‘retreat session’ at the end, taking the total number of weeks to 10.

Who are we?

Carol Carr and Patricia Taddei are qualified mindfulness teachers based in the South of Scotland. Both trained with and are long-standing members of the UK’s Mindfulness Association.  

Carol, has practiced mindfulness for many years, recently completing her second year on the University of Aberdeen’s 3yr MSc in Mindfulness Studies course. Having studied many closely related courses over the last twenty years she has recently begun to teach mindfulness. She welcomes the opportunity to work with the LBGT Plus community in D & G.

Patricia is a very experienced Mindfulness Teacher.  She was also a previous University of Aberdeen MSc student. In 2011 Patricia’s studies in mindfulness-based approaches continued with Bangor University.  She regularly facilitates mindfulness courses, retreats and workshops and feels fulfilled in the work she does. She is affiliated to a number of Wellbeing Services and has a thriving private practice specialising in Core Process Therapy, (Karuna Institute).  She manages to keep some time free for voluntary work and also welcomes her involvement as co-teacher on this course.

How do I access this course?

You will need access to the online platform “Zoom” on your computer, laptop or I-phone. We understand that broadband issues may affect some people’s ability to access the course but it’s definitely worth trying to use Zoom if you haven’t already.

How much does it cost?

We are pleased to be offering this course free of charge.  There is a maximum number of 15 participants

Mindfulness practices can help to unfreeze or uncover the various layers of  ‘I’ that prevent us from experiencing the basic spark that lies at the heart of our being.”

(Rinpoche, T., p112)


Please Note

We also invite those who attend the course to assist us with research to be carried out by The University of Glasgow in liaison with the course funders: The Everyone Project. This research is looking at the impact of online Mindfulness Based Learning Courses.  The purpose of the research is to evaluate the extent to which the online MBLC training can contribute to improving the well-being of participants. This will involve completing 3 short questionnaires at the beginning of the course and a second set of 3 on completing the course.

I am willing to do this……………Yes / NO

How do I sign up?

If you would like to find out more, or would like to sign up for this course, please send your name and contact details in the first instance, to

Iain Campbell

Services Manager



M: 07889 401628   E: iain@lgbtplus.org.uk

There is a maximum limit of 15 people on this course.
When your place on the course is confirmed we will send you key course materials in advance of the 8th June