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Celebrate Diversity and Unity at Stranraer Pride!

We are thrilled to announce that Stranraer Pride is officially on the calendar! Join us on Saturday, 24th August, for a vibrant celebration of love, diversity, and community. This year's festivities will take place at the heart of our town in Castle Square, George Street, promising a day filled with joy, color, and pride.

Stranraer Pride is more than just a festival; it's a day to come together as a community to support and celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, culture, and rights. Whether you're a member of the community or a supportive ally, we invite you to be part of this special day.

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Date: Saturday, 24th August
  • Location: Castle Square, George Street, Stranraer
  • Time: To be announced

Over the next few weeks, we'll be finalizing the exciting lineup of performers, speakers, and activities. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for updates on who’s attending and the event timetable. Let’s make Stranraer Pride 2024 a day to remember!

LGBT+ and Inclusivity Calendar of Events

1 - 28 Feb: LGBT History Month

Celebrating and educating about LGBT+ history.

8 March: International Women's Day

Recognizing and advocating for women's rights globally.

31 March: International Transgender Day of Visibility

Celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination.

17 May: IDAHOBIT - International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Mobilizing against LGBTQ+ discrimination.

24 May: Pansexual and Panromantic Awareness and Visibility Day

Recognizing and celebrating pansexual and panromantic identities.

1-30 Jun: LGBT Pride Month

Celebrating LGBT+ identities, history, and rights.

28 Jun: Stonewall Anniversary

Commemorating the Stonewall Riots, a pivotal event in LGBT+ history.

14 July: International Non-Binary People's Day

Acknowledging and supporting non-binary individuals.

11 Oct: National Coming Out Day

Supporting people coming out as LGBT+.

20-26 Oct: Bi-Sexual Awareness Week

Focusing on bisexual visibility and education.

26 Oct: Intersex Awareness Day

Highlighting intersex people and issues.

24-30 Oct: Asexual Awareness Week

Promoting asexual spectrum visibility and education.

20 Nov: Transgender Day of Remembrance

Memorializing victims of transphobic violence.

1 Dec: World AIDS Day

Raising awareness and commemorating those affected by HIV/AIDS.