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Enhance Your Workplace with Our LGBT Training Packages

Are you looking to create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all of your employees, including those who identify as LGBT?

At Dumfries and Galloway LGBT+, we offer two training packages that can help you do just that. With our Level 1 and Level 2, LGBT training packages, you can attract and retain top talent and create a more positive workplace culture.

Level 1 Basic Awareness Course

This is a free 2-hour interactive course, delivered face to face, and covers all the basic areas of the LGBTI+ world including terminology and language, both the definitions and various understandings. The course explores the differences between sexuality Vs gender, highlights LGBTI+ issues, and briefly looks at the legislation in place protecting and supporting LGBTI+ rights and equality, which includes the Equality Act 2010 and the Gender Recognition Act 2014.

This course briefly looks at personal prejudices and where they come from, and the pathways which can lead us into discriminatory behaviours against others. This training course will serve as a quick and brief introduction into the LGBTI+ world, or as refresher as to what you should be aware of to be more accepting and culturally aware as a person or as an organisation. (This course is free, but a small cost may be charged for travel and venue expenses if required.)

Level 2 Applied Awareness Course

This course is a full day interactive course (10am - 4pm, including lunch break) that covers all the areas that our ‘Basic Awareness’ course covers, plus a whole lot more. Our Level 2 course is delivered in the same fun and energetic interactive style and covers all the areas that the level 1 course covers, but with more time being allowed for additional exercises, activities, and group discussions that provides participants with a greater knowledge, understanding, awareness, and application of LGBTQI+ issues. Sexuality and Gender Identity/Expression is explored in more detail in this full day course with added focus on transgenderism and breaking down the myths and the misinformation around this identity.

This will include more details on the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and the recent Gender Reform Bill. This course will ask you to explore your own prejudices and where they come from, and will also explore any bias you have and the micro aggressive behaviours that you may display because of them. This course is suited for people who may be engaging with members of the LGBTQI+ community more often, either professionally or socially and would like to increase their knowledge, skill set, and confidence when doing so. Level 2 provides practical advice and guidance on how to support someone who may come to you for confidential support relating to their sexuality or gender.  (This course has a small cost but is delivered as non – profit. Discounts are available for charities and 3rd Sector agencies)

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